Timelaps trial…. from John Kristian Ellertsen on Vimeo.

New equipment gave the possibility to rice the stander of the time lapse sequences. This movie suffer from some flicker, hope to be better on this in the future :)

This time-lapse stands out as a tribute to my great grandmother that past away on Sunday 08/06-14. She was a woman that had passion for great art. She has learned me a lot when it comes to using your imagination. She had a passion fro music, nature, books and art. She was in love with painting and paintings. She painted the most gorges paintings and she would have loved this time-lapse. In tribute to this amazing woman, I announce her this time-lapse-sequence. For everything you have thought me, and all the inspiration you have given me to love art and live out my dreams….

Make as much out of life as possible!!

Love life, enjoy living…